8 aug 2010: Casetta softwares are no longer actively developed (however, they are still working).

If you are interested by the software, as user or as developer, please subscribe to our mailing-list, there is still people to answer you!

Welcome to the development site of Casetta

The Casetta project aim to provide all needed tools to manage Casio calculator data on a computer.

For more information about features, installation or usage of Casetta programs, please see the Casetta website.

This site focus on the development of Casetta.

Here, you can find:

How to involve

Feel free to report new bugs or whishes. You can get more informations about involving on our website.

The best way to speak with us is our mailing-list. See informations about the mailing-list.

Get the code

If you find a stable version of the source code of Casetta, please refer to our download page.

The development version is available in our subversion repository, through  WebSVN or the command:

$ svn co svn://svn.tuxfamily.org/svnroot/casetta/casetta

For developers of Casio stuffs

On our developers documentation page, you can find: