Sweet Amanite Phalloïde Queen

Amanite is a bookmark management solution, under a heavy development. It should be suitable for my needs in some years, maybe not before the end of the universe for yours.

Amanite is released under the  GNU Affero GPL v3+.

Amanite will be used for my bookmarks on  http://florian.biree.name, and will also be available as a multi-users solutions in http://amanite.filyb.info/.

Amanite is a  Django application, which currently depends on  django-tagging and python-json.

Get the code through bazaar:

$ bzr checkout http://code.filyb.info/amanite/

See also

Useful tools

  •  Foxmarks: a free software Firefox addon to sync bookmarks with a server... but don't use their server: it's not free!
  •  TagSifter: a far better way to browse Firefox 3 bookmarks through tags
  •  HandyTag: improve the "staring" Firefox 3 feature for tags, but not in a perfect way
  •  del.icio.us to Firefox: import your del.icio.us bookmarks in Firefox 3 with tags


Amanite is a strange piece of code started by  Florian Birée on august 2008. And  Sweet Amanite Phalloïde Queen is also a  nice song by Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine. Enjoy!